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7964 Conell Court, Unit R-S-T, Lorton, VA 22079, Hilltop Industrial Park, Fairfax County   

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Springfield I-95 Corridor Industrial Area and Hilltop Industrial Park

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Distance to Major Highways, Mass Transit, & Airports:

Major Highways & Transportation Routes:
  • Fairfax County Parkway (VA 7100) - 1.3 mi, 4 mins
  • Telegraph Road - 1.5 mi, 5 mins
  • Interstate 95 (I-95) North / I-395 - 2.5 mi, 7 mins
  • Interstate 95 (I-95) South - 2.7 mi, 7 mins
  • Richmond Hwy (US Rt 1) - 3.4 mi, 9 mins
  • Capital Beltway / I-495 / Mixing Bowl - 5.7 mi, 11 mins
Mass Transit:
  • Franconia-Springfield Amtrak / VRE (Fredericksburg line) - 5.6 mi, 12 mins
  • Franconia Springfield Metro (Blue line) - 5.6 mi, 12 mins
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National - 15.2 mi, 25 mins
  • Washington Dulles International - 30.3 mi, 52 mins
  • Baltimore-Washington International - 49.5 mi, 60 mins
Distance to Major Points of Interest:
  • Fort Belvoir North - 4.0 mi, 12 mins
  • Fort Belvoir - 5.2 mi, 16 mins
  • Springfield Mall - 4.9 mi, 12 mins
  • Woodbridge, VA - 8.5 mi, 16 mins
  • Tysons Corner - 16.6 mi, 26 mins
  • Washington, D.C. - 15.6 mi, 23 mins
Some of Fairfax County's Location Highlights:

International Business and Fairfax County:

Fairfax County is one of the premier centers of commerce and technology in the United States, providing international businesses the environment needed to grow and succeed in the 21st century.

Fairfax County is strategically located on the mid-Atlantic seaboard close to neighboring Washington, D.C. International businesses seeking a U.S. headquarters find Fairfax County attractive for a number of reasons, including:
  • One of the world's largest clusters of technology firms, services and workers;
  • A state-of-the-art technology infrastructure;
  • One of the largest commercial office markets in the U.S.;
  • Access to a regional market of more than 6 million people;
  • Direct links to global markets through Washington Dulles International Airport;
  • Proximity to the U.S. federal government; and
  • Proximity to international financial institutions as well as the diplomatic community and embassies.
For more information, please visit: An Overview for International Firms in Fairfax County

Fairfax County Fact Sheets:

List of the 50 largest employers in Fairfax County (excluding public-sector and retail entities): Fairfax County's Largest Employers

Resources for Technology Ventures

Largest Technology Employers (400+ employees) in Fairfax County

Associations Located In Fairfax County: More than 300 trade associations and professional societies are based or have significant offices in Fairfax County, Virginia.


Northern Virginia Flex Warehouse For Sale

Property Address: - Hilltop Industrial Park
7964 Conell Court, Unit R-S-T, Lorton, VA 22079, Fairfax County, Springfield / Newington Industrial Submarket, Springfield / I-95 Corridor Industrial Area, Northern Virginia

Property and Sales Information:
Flex Office / Showroom Warehouse Condo: 5,619 SF; For Sale Price: $900,000.00 ($160.17 PSF) Now $750,000 ($133.48 PSF); Tax Map #: 0992 06 0016-18, Zoned: I-5 General Industrial

Warehouse Information & Building Features:
Loading: Two Drive-Ins and One Loading Dock with Depressed Dock Well, & with Cross-Dock Capability; Unit R (1,800 SF) is built out as a Photographer's Studio Reception Area / Professional Conference Room, Full Kitchen, Executive Offices, Large Storage Room; HVAC in Warehouse & Offices; Ceiling Height: 18'0"

Property Highlights & Area Amenities:

  • Distribution Warehouse with Cross Dock & Overnight Trailer Parking / Staging Area
  • Good Access To Major Transport Routes, including the Fairfax County Parkway (SR 286, old VA-7100), I-95 & the Capital Beltway / I-495, US Route 1 / Richmond Hwy
  • Franconia Springfield Metro / Amtrak / VRE: 4.5 miles away, 13 min & Woodbridge Amtrak / VRE: 8.6 miles away, 18 min
Fairfax County Property Zoning Information: - (For Reference Purposes Only - Not A Legal Document)
I-5 General Industrial District:
Uses permitted by right.
  1. Accessory Uses & Accessory Services Uses:
  2. Business Service & Supply Service Establishments - Any establishment containing no more than 5000 square feet of net floor area wherein the primary occupation is the provision of services or supplies principally to the business, commercial, industrial or institutional community, but not including retail sales to the general public except as a secondary & subordinate ancillary activity. This term shall also include establishments such as catering & printing establishments which serve the general public.
    • Garment Cleaning Establishments - Any establishment for the mechanical cleaning of garments, articles or goods of fabric for retail customers, containing no more than 3000 square feet of gross floor area. Such a use may include services for cleaning pickup stations.
    • Personal Service Establishments - Any building wherein the primary occupation is the repair, care of, maintenance or customizing of personal properties that are worn or carried about the person or are a physical component of the person. Barber shops & beauty salons, hair salon; pet grooming establishment; tailors, alterations, garment making, dressmaking shop, military uniforms, shoe cleaning or repair shop, & other similar places of business.
    • Prescription Establishments, Pharmacy, & the Selling Of Pharmaceutical Supplies.
    • Repair Service Establishments - Repair & general service of common home appliances such as musical instruments, sewing machines, televisions & radios, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, power tools, electric razors, refrigerators & lawnmowers; or any establishment wherein the primary occupation is interior decorating services which include reupholstering & / or the making of draperies, slipcovers & other similar articles.
    • Retail Sales Establishments Selling Convenience Merchandise - Any establishment wherein the primary occupation is the sale of merchandise for use or consumption by the immediate purchaser. This term shall also include establishments such as television & tool rental establishments & photographic & portrait studios.
  3. Contractor's Offices & Shops - Establishments for the installation & servicing of such items as air conditioners, electrical equipment, flooring, heating, painting, plumbing, roofing, tiling & ventilating & establishments for the planting & maintenance of gardens, grounds & yards such as landscape contractors & lawn maintenance services. Such establishment shall not include retail sales to the general public except as a subordinate ancillary activity & display area accessible to the general public shall be limited to the lesser of either ten (10) percent of the gross floor area of the establishment or 1000 square feet.
  4. Establishments For Printing (Production, Processing, Assembly, Manufacturing, Preparation, Cleaning, Servicing, Repair Or Storage Of Materials, Etc.) & Associated Retail Sales
  5. Establishments For Scientific Research, Development & Training.
  6. Funeral Homes; Crematory, Human Or Animal.
  7. Heavy Equipment & Specialized Vehicle Sale, Rental & Service Establishments. *
  8. Offices - Businesses such as Accounting, Correspondence, Research, Editing, Administration Or Analysis; Or The Conduct Of A Business By Salesmen, Sales Representatives Or Manufacturer's Representatives; Or The Conduct Of A Business By Professionals Such As Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors, Artists, Musicians, Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Agents, Certified Massage, Dentists Or Physicians, Urban Planners & Landscape Architects.
  9. Private Schools Of General and or Special Education.
  10. Recycling Centers - A Facility For The Collection Of Nonputrescible Recyclable Materials Which Have Been Separated At Their Source (Source-Separated) Prior To Shipment To Others Who Will Use Those Materials To Manufacture New Products. A Recycling Center Shall Be Deemed To Include A Materials Recovery Facility.
  11. Truck Rental Establishments* - Building and premises for the rental and ancillary minor servicing of truck, utility trailers and related items generally used by persons to move their personal and household belongings.
  12. Vehicle Light Service Establishments (Auto Repair)* - Buildings and premises wherein the primary use is the sale, servicing, repair and/or installation of motor vehicle accessories, such as the following: spark plugs, batteries, distributors and distributor parts, tires, brakes, brake fluid, mufflers, tail pipes, water hoses, fan belts, light bulbs, fuses, floor mats, windshield wipers, wiperblades, grease retainers, wheel bearings, and mirrors. Vehicle light service establishments may also include greasing, lubrication and radiator flushing, minor servicing and repair of carburetors, fuel pumps, oil pumps, water pumps and lines, electrical systems, and minor motor adjustments not involving removal of the head or crankcase or racing the motor.
  13. Vehicle Major Service Establishments (Auto Body / Collision)* - Buildings and premises wherein major mechanical and body work, repair of transmissions and differentials, straightening of body parts, painting, welding or other similar work is performed on vehicles. Vehicle light service establishments may be permitted as an ancillary use.
  14. Vehicle Transportation Service Establishments - Buildings and premises for "for hire" chauffeured transportation services involving the storage and dispatch of taxicabs, limousines, executive sedans, ambulances, passenger vans, or other similar vehicles, administrative offices and the ancillary servicing and maintenance of company vehicles.
  15. Veterinary Hospitals and or Kennels.
  16. Warehousing & Associated Retail Establishments.
  17. Wholesale Trade Establishments - Any establishment for the sale of merchandise in gross for resale, and any establishment for the sale of merchandise principally to institutional, commercial, contractors and industrial users, but not including retail sales to the general public except as a subordinate ancillary activity.
Special Permit Uses:
  • Health clubs
  • Indoor firing ranges, archery ranges, fencing and other similar indoor recreational uses

For more information or to setup a time to go and see the property, please contact: Guy Travers: 703.339.0100   Click to eMail

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