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Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192
Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 1

Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 2

Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 3

Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 4

Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 5

Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 6

Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 7

Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale - 14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Photo 8

Prime Industrial Land For Sale / Lease

Property Location & Summary:
14009 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192, Prince William County, Potomac Mills / I-95 Corridor Industrial Submarket
Purchase Price: $2,771,723 ($304,920.02 / AC)
Site Size: 9.09 AC (395,960.4 SF); Parcel ID: 8392-01-0281
Zoned: M-2, Light Industrial Zoning
Utilities: Public water, sewer & utilities available to site
Max Building Height: 60'; Max F.A.R.: 0.50
Total Building Proposed: 82,358 (198,198 SF Allowable)

Property Highlights:

  • Raw land opportunity to add value & ready for development
  • Perfect for Offices, Schools, Business Park, Wholesaling, Self-Storage Center, or other light industrial uses
  • Great visibility from I-95 with 159,558± Traffic Count, and Monument Signage potential on Telegraph Road
  • Easy Access: Prince William Parkway is 0.3 miles from the site, Interstate 95 (I-95) is 1.3 miles away, Opitz Blvd is 1.2 miles away and Dale Blvd is 1.9 miles away from the site
  • Horner Road Commuter Parking Lot is 1.2 mi / 5 mins away, & Woodbridge Amtrak? / VRE is 3.3 mi / 9 mins away
  • Fort Belvoir is 11.9 mi, 22 mins away & 13.15 mi, 19 mins to Marine Corps Base Quantico
  • Reagan National Airport is 22.5 miles / 33 mins away & Dulles International Airport is 38.8 miles / 47 mins
Property Description and Area Activity:
This is 9.09 acre site is strategically located on Telegraph Road, between the Prince William Parkway and Opitz Boulevard, and also located next to Potomac Mills and near the Horner Road Commuter Parking Lot. The site has tremendous visibility & frontage on Interstate 95 (I-95). Water and sewer are located on site. The M-2, Light Industrial Zoning is intended to implement the flexible use employment center land use classification of the comprehensive plan. Prince William County has created a pro-business climate utilizing fast-track permitting for targeted industries which include Data Centers & Information Technology Companies, Biotechnology & Life Sciences Companies, Government Contractors & Facilities, Corporate Facilities & Headquarters, High Technology Firms & Research & Development; and combined with business incentives offered by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The site is located between Dale City and Woodbridge, and is one of the last In-Fill Development Opportunities next to the Potomac Mills Super Regional Mall. Major developments around the area not only include new retail, hotels, commercial and medical developments, but also major infrastructure improvements like the completion of the Prince William Parkway, the I-95 HOV / HOT Lanes, and also The Americans in Wartime Museum ( Which is located one mile south of Potomac Mills on nearly 70 acres and is currently under construction with a Veterans Day Grand Opening scheduled for November 11, 2014.

Property Zoning:
M-2, Light Industrial Zoning District; Purpose & Intent.
Uses permitted by right. - The following uses shall be permitted by right in the M-2 district:
  1. Alarm system operations, office.
  2. Ambulance services, commercial.
  3. Artist or photographer's studio, commercial.
  4. Assembly (non-HAZMAT) - shall mean the piecing together of various, separate, manufactured components & mechanical parts to construct a finished product.
  5. Bakery, industrial.
  6. Business school.
  7. Catering-commercial (off premises).
  8. Cold storage.
  9. College, university or seminary.
  10. Contractor or tradesman's shop (limited), no trash or refuse removal service.
  11. Data & computer services.
  12. Electronic equipment & component manufacturing, assembly, processing & distribution.
  13. Greenhouse, nursery (wholesale) (not more than twenty (20) percent of the lot area may be devoted to retail garden center uses).
  14. Gunsmith shop - shall mean a facility for sale, service & repair or refurbishing of firearms.
  15. Institute for special education & training
  16. Institutional food service.
  17. Janitorial service.
  18. Locksmith.
  19. Medical or dental laboratory - shall mean establishment engaged in providing professional analytic or diagnostic services to the medical, dental, or other health service professions, or to the patient on a prescription basis; includes denture laboratories & prosthetic facilities. Eyeglass & contact lens & denture manufacturing is permitted; all other manufacturing prohibited.
  20. Motor vehicle service (limited) - shall mean a use providing for minor motor vehicle maintenance services such as tires, audio installation & similar services.
  21. Office.
  22. Package, telecommunications & courier service - shall mean retail service facility for the dispatching, coordination, preparation & routing of package pick-up & delivery (items weighing under 100 pounds), or telephone message system.
  23. Pharmaceutical product manufacturing (non-HAZMAT).
  24. Photographic processing laboratory.
  25. Publishing and printing.
  26. Radio or TV broadcasting station.
  27. Railroad passenger station.
  28. Recording studio.
  29. Recycling collection points - shall mean a facility that serves as a neighborhood drop-off point for temporary storage of recoverable resources such as bottles, newspapers, glass & cans. No processing of such items is permitted.
  30. Research & development (non-HAZMAT).
  31. School of special instruction - shall mean a facility for the private instruction of skills or activities not directly related to employment. These may include the following: dance studio, music studio (not a conservatory), martial arts, gymnastics instruction, exercise studio (not having a locker room & shower facilities & not required to comply with the Virginia Health Spa Act).
  32. Self-storage center.
  33. Tool & equipment rental, service & repair (minor) - shall mean a facility engaged in rental and/or repair & maintenance of handheld tools or minor motorized equipment to or for the general public or to contractors. Such tools or equipment are transportable in a passenger car or truck less than 7,500 pounds gross vehicle weight.
  34. Trade or convention center - shall mean a facility used for business or professional conferences & seminars, often with accommodations for sleeping, eating & recreation.
  35. Trade, technical or vocational school.
  36. Travel agency.
  37. Veterinary hospital.
  38. Warehouse (non-HAZMAT) - shall mean an operation from a structure, or part of a structure, for storing goods, wares, commodities & merchandise, whether for the owner thereof or for others, & whether it is a public or private warehousing operation, but excluding self-storage centers.
  39. Wholesaling (non-HAZMAT) - shall mean the business of selling merchandise to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional, or professional business users, or to other wholesalers.

For more information on this Raw Land - Great Development Opportunity, please contact: Guy Travers: 703.339.0100   Click to eMail
Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale Flyer / Package Potomac Mills and I-95 Land For Sale Flyer / Package

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